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At Fitzgerald Auto Mall Wheaton Service Center, all of your auto repair service needs will be taken care of by our certified technicians and service department. From routine maintenance, such as engine air filter replacement, bulb replacement, or brake inspection, you are sure to be in good hands. There’s just no better way to go!

Wheaton Service Center

Our Feature Services

Oil and Filter Replacement

Car engines have many moving pieces, and replacing the oil and filter is essential. Over time, your oil engine wears outs and becomes less effective at allowing your engine to work. We will happily change the oil and filter in car before it causes engine troubles!

Cabin or Engine Air Filter Replacement

There are many reasons to replace the engine air filter, a few reasons being that it improves gas mileage, reduces emissions, and it increases the life of the engine. In addition, replacing the cabin air filter will better filter pollutants from entering your car’s cabin.

Tire Rotation & Brake Inspection

Tire rotation will ensure that your tires wear evenly. Since the weight of the front and back of cars differ, tires wear out unevenly, and by rotating them, you can extend the life of the set of tires.

Test and/or Replace Battery

The battery is what powers all of the electrical parts of your car, and testing your battery to make sure it has plenty of energy left is important to making sure you have a reliable car. Over time, your battery will lose some of its capacity due to sulfation, and occasionally testing it is highly recommended.

Miscellaneous Bulb Replacement

Your car’s headlights and other bulbs will wear out over time, and ensuring that they are replaced will help you during nighttime driving. In addition, occasionally checking and replacing your bulbs will prevent you from an unwelcome stop by a police officer over burned-out headlights!

Complimentary Multi-point Inspection

A multi-point inspection will give you a thorough assessment of your car by our certified experts. Some of the components of your car that we look for during a car inspection is the engine oil life, tire wear, and brakes.

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